Introduction to Embedded system with Arduino as platform.
مقدمة في النظم المدمجة (أردوينو كمنصة)

by Dr. Hazem Helmi Muhareb Selmi

Laptop is MANDATORY . Embedded system are everywhere from washing machine at home to the Boing 787 jet. Therefore, in any working environment, it is highly probable that a KFUPM graduate will see and maybe deal with an embedded system.


  1. This course can be useful for any Engineer/Scientist to prototype or emulate many ideas or  projects (including senior project).
  2. This course is recommended for all majors except COE, EE and ICS/SWE. The course is redundant for COE/EE students and partially redundant for ICS/SWE students.
  3. You will work in teams of 2.
  4. It is highly recommended to bring a laptop with you. (We need a computer for each team and the number of PCs is limited)


  1. Learning what and why you can find microcontroller in almost every modern equipment.
  2. Learning/practicing the basics of Arduino 
  3. Make it easier for senior students to use microcontroller in their senior projects

Eligibility to this course?

المؤهلين للإلتحاق بالدورة

Students of third and fourth year (Junior & Senior) having a cumulative average (GPA > 2) or higher.
طــلاب السنــة الثالثـة والرابـعـــة والحـــاصلين على معدّل تراكمي جيّد أو أعلى

Dates and Timing

المكان و الموعد

From 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM with a 30-minute break for Al-Isha prayer

Sun Jan 20 2019
Mon Jan 21 2019
Tue Jan 22 2019
Wed Jan 23 2019

Student Housing - SSC Activity Building next to 838 - Upstairs
من الساعة 6:00 مساءً إلى الساعة 9:00 مساءً

سكن الطلاب - مبنى أنشطة مركز التميز الطلابي بجانب عمارة 838 - الطابق العلوي

Certificate Requirements

شروط الحصول على شهادة الدورة

  1. the presence of at least 80% of the course servings.
  2. active participation
  3. access to PASS mark at the end of the session.
  4. To participate in the evaluation session.
  1. حضور ما لايقل عن 80% من حصص الدورة
  2. المشاركة الفاعلة
  3. الحصول على علامة PASS في ختام الدورة
  4. المشاركة في تقييم الدورة