Introduction to Marketing (For Engineers & Scientists)
مقدمة في التسويق لمتخصصي العلوم والهندسة

by Dr. Saleh AlShebil

Marketing plays a crucial function in any business or organization, and is increasingly important in the modern globalized economy.


Note: Attendance is mandatory for ALL 4 classes. No excuses will be accepted for anyone not attending all 4 classes. If you can’t attend any class don’t register and leave a chance for someone else since seating is limited. 


This is an introductory course in marketing that presents an overview of some of the principles of marketing. Topics include the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion), consumer behavior, and segmentation, target market selection, and positioning.


To develop a general understanding of marketing and its presence in our everyday life. To understand some basic foundations of marketing. To clear out some misconceptions of marketing. To develop an appreciation of marketing important role in organizations and society overall.

*Note: The course is a general introduction to marketing (for non-business majors) and not a customized version for engineers and scientists. 

Eligibility to this course?

المؤهلين للإلتحاق بالدورة

Students of third and fourth year (Junior & Senior) having a cumulative average (GPA > 2) or higher.
طــلاب السنــة الثالثـة والرابـعـــة والحـــاصلين على معدّل تراكمي جيّد أو أعلى

Dates and Timing

المكان و الموعد

From 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM with a 30-minute break for Al-Isha prayer

Sun Jan 13 2019
Tue Jan 15 2019
Sun Jan 20 2019
Tue Jan 22 2019

Building 63, Room 135
من الساعة 6:00 مساءً إلى الساعة 9:00 مساءً

مبنى 63 غرفة 135

Certificate Requirements

شروط الحصول على شهادة الدورة

  1. the presence of at least 80% of the course servings.
  2. active participation
  3. access to PASS mark at the end of the session.
  4. To participate in the evaluation session.
  1. حضور ما لايقل عن 80% من حصص الدورة
  2. المشاركة الفاعلة
  3. الحصول على علامة PASS في ختام الدورة
  4. المشاركة في تقييم الدورة