KFUPM Student Success Center was established in February, 2015 to combine, integrate, provide different academic services, and opportunities and develop procedures, in order to

  • Serve students effectively by ensuring the quality of student development process, with the cooperation of all academic departments and other stakeholders.
  • Compliment the academic curricula with sustainable programs.
  • Provide a wide range of opportunities to suite the interests and needs of different students.
  • Provide students with competitive edge before graduation.

SSC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of Director of the SSC (Chairman), assistant dean of student for counseling & advising affairs, coordinator of the learning support unit, and four faculty members.
The roles of the SSC Executive Committee is to lay strategic directions and future plans, assist the performance, and prepare and develop the policies and the guidelines for the different center units.

SSC Executive Committee Members
Dr. Ahmad F. Salem Chairman, coordinator of LSU
Dr. Ahmed Bendania Member
Dr. Abdulrahman Faisal Al-Betar Member
Dr. Hisham Khojali Member
Dr. Mohammed A. Hassan Member
Dr. Basim Abusaud Member
Dr. Alaa Hussein Member
Dr. Mohammad Alshayeb Member
People at SSC
Dr. Ahmad F. Salem
Acting Director

Tel: 860 8514

office: 68/132-131

Mr. Muhammad Zafar ul Malik
Software Engineer

Tel: 860 8813

office: 68/111

Eng. Khalid H. Abdalla
Coordinator, Skills and Leaderships Unit

Tel: 860 8794

office: 68/132-134

Dr. Abdalghaffar Mohammad Abdalghaffar
Coordinator, Academic Advising Unit

Tel: 860 2307

office: 68/132-133

Dr. Abdulmajeed Hasan Hendi
Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Office (URO)

Tel: 860 2636

office: 68/112

Mr. Muzaher Mohammed Al Sanawi
Administrative Assistant

Tel: 860 8522

office: 68/132