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Refer a Student
This form allows student to refer himself and/or academic advisor/course instructor to refer students who need extra care and assistance, to counselling and advising center, or to prep year/ Freshman advising & caring unit or Student Success Center. Referred students will be contacted to arrange for appropriate support and follow-up.

Person Making Referral

Student Information

Referral Information

  Relation with Student
Academic Advisor
Course Instructor
Admission Office
Prep-year Student Care Unit
Freshmen Unit
  Refer To
Center for Advising & counselling
Prep-year Student Care Unit
Freshmen Unit
Learning Support Unit
  Does the Student know you have referred him?
Yes    No
  Difficulties this student might be experiencing?
Non Academic
  Issues Reported or Observed:
Not Attending Class - الغياب عن المحاضرات
Not Performing Well - ضعف الأداء
Personal issue (Family, Financial etc.) - قضايا شخصية
Behavioral issue (Describe below) - مشاكل سلوكية (حدد نوع المشكلة)
Other (Describe below) - أخري (حدد نوع المشكلة)