Student Showcase


Green Chemistry New Zealand 2019 (GCNZ19) Conference

Summary of activities

December, 4 Registration and welcoming
December, 5 Keynote Speeches and Technical sessions
December, 6 Keynote Speeches, Technical sessions and students contest
December, 7 University tour with guide and technical sessions and the final ceremony


  • The chance to present our work to large number of people
  • Getting ideas and knowledge in the field that I am interested in
  • Meeting professors and students from every
  • Knowing other universities and their programs for MS and PhD degrees


  • To be the only undergrad student and being in commotion with PhD students.
  • To present the work in a room filled with professors and PhD holders working in the same field.

Participating in the conference was an interesting and beneficial experience that I would do again and recommend any student to seek.