Student Showcase


Electrical Engineering
Smart Grids and Energy Systems (SGES2020) Conference, Perth, Australia.

Summary of activities

  • November 23
    • Opening ceremony and welcoming
    • Keynote talks 1-3
    • Paper presentation sessions 1-5
  • November 24
    • Tutorials
    • Keynote talks 4-6
    • Paper presentation sessions 6-10
  • November 25
    • Tutorials
    • Keynote talks 7-9
    • Paper presentation sessions 11-16
  • November 26
    • Industry Forum
    • Paper presentation sessions 17-23
    • Closing and award ceremony


  • Representing the university on an international level.
  • Contributing and learning about the advances in the field of interest.
  • Receiving valuable feedback and recommendations from field experts.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Enhancing paper presentation and communication skills.
  • A valuable addition to the CV.


  • Time zones mismatch as the virtual conference time was based on the Australian Western Standard Time.
  • Being the only undergraduate among the field experts and PhD holders.
  • Unexpected potential setbacks as the virtual conference was a new experience for both the organizers and presenters.

Presenting in a conference as an undergraduate student has been a unique experience and I would recommend everyone to seek this opportunity, if possible.